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I admire the hell out of Stevie Wonder.

I admire the fact that that man can't see, but can make beautiful magical music.

Music I love listening to.

Music that makes me smile.

I am reminded of this fact as I have currently lost my glasses and and have strained my eyesight within an inch of my life to even type this post.

But I still can see, so no complaints.

I have worn glasses since I was 9.

My Dad?

Jesus take the wheel.


He was the white version of Stevie if he lost those specs.

But he had an ear, just as Stevie did.

I guess my point here is, when we lose one sense, we gain another.

I'm still waiting for my superpower, but I digress.

God is no joke in that department.

What he taketh in one arena, he replaces in another.

You know, the whole he closes a window and opens a door scenario...

It serves as a reminder that perhaps we shouldn't just accept our faults, but appreciate our favors, because our weaknesses, well quite frankly, they serve to show our talents and tenacity.

They allow us to make our lemons into lemoncello.

Which is, quite frankly, delicious.

So, maybe it's not what we "see" but what we choose to project and present that matters.

Maybe it's not what we are told we are capable of, but what what are destined to do, and the skills we choose to try that will be our copyright.

Or maybe, its Maybelline.

Bottom line...

Never be afraid of your limitations.

Don't let adversity be your adversary.

Dont get confused that just because you can't "see" that something great is in the wings equates to the fact that it's not there.

What it may mean, is that it's just totally there, but just in a different way, you just need to "see it" sorry, I can't help myself.

Embrace your weaknesses, because in that you will find strength.

And just to remind you, never let your shortcomings be long .

Also, don't forget to let them to serve as a lesson.

And make sure to keep them in your back pocket .

Keep you humble.

And last but not least, here is a shout out to all those who can't "see", but strive to try, pivot, succeed, and ultimately conquer.

Tried and true you are.

Shine diamond, shine.



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