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Sour Girl.

I once again fell under the spell of a song.

Now, I can't get it out of my head.

Sour Girl by the Stone Temple Pilots.

Any who, it got me to thinking about my ride or dies.

Over the last four years specifically, I have had a bunch of people have no issue with jumping ship, and moreover, have no problem not even attempting to look back at the history we shared before they did it.

They bolted, Usain style.

And as much as it has hurt, I am now OK with it.

What am I going to do?

Beg them for their relationships back?


That isn't me.

Wanna burn my bridge?

I am not going to call the fire department.

But I will watch, and grab some popcorn, along with a healthy supply of tissues.

It sucks.

It hurts.

But thus is life.

Also, therapy is amazing, wink wink.

But to say this course of events wasn't found to be jarring?

Well that would be an understatement.

But shit happens.

And guess what?

If you are strong enough, you will, and can, pivot.

Suck it up, and swallow it down, and turn it around.

Over and over again, until you find your fit.

Your tribe.

The answer is there.

Just be patient and pleasant in the process, even if it pains you.

You are never lost, or alone, even if feels like it.

You aren't on the wrong path.

Or pushed onto the wrong track.

The right people are there.

Waiting in the wings, ready for their casting call.

You just need to keep your borders open, and your heart awake.

All that pain will eventually lead to progress; and to the right people.

Trust me.

Some people will fall away, but the right ones will fit right in, and it will happen seamlessly.

(The perfect ones will never leave in the first place.)

No sadness in life is permanent, unless you allow it to be.

Understand that people may choose to leave you, but find solace in the fact that you can choose the next batch of partners to enter your life just as easily as those who left you, or perhaps they are choosing you, and you don't even know it.

There may be a waiting list.

But trust the process.

This process may not be pretty, or better yet, easy, but the demotion you never saw coming, will lead to a promotion better than ever.

And when these new folks do show up, drink them up in all their glory.

Know that if you can survive this; you will be satisfied just as easily.

So let people judge you.

And let them leave you.

But more importantly, let them miss you.

Because, in time, they most likely will; if you are worth it, and side note, you are.

Know that at your core, you are a highlight.

A hot spot.

A good time.

And a good person.

A person that will have funny stories told about them a plenty in their absence.

Realize that eventually, the right people will celebrate you, and better yet, cherish you instead of chastising you.

In the mean time, find and love YOURSELF.

Because THAT is who truly matters.


And THAT is who will always be there for you.


So don't look back on those who gave up on you.

We are all filled with faults, but also with a healthy dose of fabulous.

Look forward.

Your future is too bright to look away from.

A future that is YOURS for the taking.

So, mourn those who left, but look forward to those who you will meet, and prep yourself for those who will meet, and love YOU.

Just because you are a ray of sunshine that not everyone could handle, does not mean that others aren't waiting for you with their sunglasses on, and their arms extended.




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