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New Level Lazy.

I am always striving to break records.

Mind you, I never mentioned they were ones I should boast about, or be proud of.

I just like to be extra.

Go above and beyond.

In almost all areas.

That go big or go home thing really reasonates with me.

Sometimes I actually feel that term was written for me, or atleast about me.

Recently I have found a new addiction.

Just to add to my collection.

You know, diversify the portfolio.

Let's get down to it, Tik ToK.

Tik Tok is much like my first time in an Aldi where I freaked out and ran away, vowing to never return to such a foreign environment, pun intended.

I watched Tik Tok and couldn't make heads or tails about it.

Fast forward, I now proudly wear Aldi socks, and don an Aldi backpack (best $10 ever spent).

Not to mention, I was quite frankly pissed that I didn't get my hands on the Aldi onsie I had my eye on in their weekly finds a few weeks ago.

My ever endearing son said that while on vacation recently my "drip" was terrible as I wore a fur coat over my "You're Doing Too Much" sweatshirt, and my Aldi backback over all of it as the cherry on top of my hot mess sundae.

Moving on, just like Aldi, I gave in and gave Tik ToK another try.

I can currently tell you I have gone down a dangerous rabbit hole.

Hours, perhaps even days, now go unaccounted for.

Between the daily doses of motivational thoughts, DIY, comedy, and Amazon finds, I am deep into the ocean of inspriration and ideas.

Last night I made winter hats out of yarn and toliet paper rolls.

Like, duh, why didn't I think of this first?!

I have found myself glued to my tv.

Yes I figured out how to download Tik Tok on my television.

But I have also had to occasionally you know, use the bathroom, or perhaps even cook a meal for my kids, and that's where the trouble starts...

The algorithim gets thrown off because I am not scrolling down, therefore, once I get out of the bathroom or finish cooking dinner, the Tok thinks I now speak spanish and like big butts.

I think one of my kids watched a soccer thing once and let it play through because I hate soccer and now there is a daily dose of Rinaldo and Messi thrown into my feed.

I'll give it a yellow card, for now.

I now find myself saying, Tik Tok isn't going to watch itself, so this is where I will depart.

Someone needs to know about Dollar Tree hacks and Amazon finds that just slap.

Don't worry, I will share them.

But in the meantime I need to watch them.

I prefer to call it research.

Just think of it as a good student doing her homework.

Wink wink.



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