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Make Your Mark.

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

What are we putting into the universe?

Why are we here?

Who are we?

It's not as much about how we live, as much as it is, how we make others feel.

And conversely, how we cope with how others, make us feel.

I just want to remind you/I:

(This is mostly a mantra to myself, but to anyone else out there, here it goes...)

Be the reason someone smiles, and don't provide them with a struggle.

Lift, don't level.

Be yourself, be the hope, and not the hate.

Help without expectations from your exertion.

Understand the reward will not always be apparent, however, that doesn't mean it affords you the ability to quit.

Karma isn't always a bitch, sometimes it can be a beauty.

So, be patient.

Time will always tell.

Life happens, and with that, so does time, so therefore understand, it can, and will, suck, but don't let that hurt you.

Learn to be open to lifes misfortunes, and by learn, I mean, study and grow.

Because things will happen.

The good, the bad, the and the ugly

Life gets sucky, and sticky.

But please, never let the harm frame you.

Don't let the events that may happen to you, define you.

Paint your own image, and be sure to create the masterpiece you want labeled as you.

Let happinness lead, even when you dont want it to, or think it possible.

Choose your destiny.

And choose it wisely, and earnestly.

Don't let your anger or hurt lead the storyline.

That is not where any decent protagonist should begin their story.

Or at least not where a good script should start, in my book, pun well intended.

Company likes misery, but those are the friends you don't want.


Sometimes the distresses you encounter will try to break you, but strive to be better, do better, and trust me, it will show in the long run.


You will trip, fall, and make a million mistakes, but know you are never too old to try again.

To push restart, with hope, and with the abundance of knowledge you carried into this life to begin with.

It took Edmund Hillary 9 times to try and climb Mount Everest.

But he did it.

You are never going to be too old to be the better person, or at the very best, attempt to be.

Don't forget that.


As hard as it may be, again, always smile.

This in and of itself, will carry you through a million miles and then some.

Be kind and giving.

In return, realize when you are being afforded the same, and relish it.

The people that choose you?

They are worth choosing in return, so don't take that resposibility lightly.

Invest in people that invest in you, and yet be smart enough to know where their intentions lie.

What are they bringing to YOUR bank?

What are your dividends worth?

Whats their intrest rate?

Is it worth your time?

And your time, is everything in the end.

So please, know your worth.

Be learned.


Knowledge is power.

No one likes an idiot.

This I am sure of.

Be doubtless of your powers, I know this makes no sense, until it does, and when it does, you will fly.

At the end of the day, just know, it will all come out in the wash.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

And not just yours...

Also sidenote:

Please remind yourself to use levity.

It is the ultimate key to finding the silver linings in any sorrow you may feel from time to time.

Also, please find this factoid true, life is short, and if you don't find the humor somewhere,well, your life just got shorter.

Be unafraid to prove yourself to people.

Those who are worthy will stay, the ones who aren't, will fall away, and as much as that hurts, it will be ok.

Because truth be told, they weren't meant for your long term journey to begin with.

They were passengers, but perhaps, not meant for the prolonged destination.

Know that people who choose to leave, do so, with the notion that they sell themselves with the idea of being comfortable with the idea of who they THOUGHT you were.

That allows them to have the notion, that they can leave without looking back, with purpose, and without remorse.

It gives them an alibi.

Yet, sadly, they are the ones who need a closer look in their mirrors, and whereabouts and consciousness.

Judges serve sentences.

That doesn't mean they are civil, or even, correct.

I didn't say this life would be easy, but I will say, it will be ok, and it will.

Life can prove akward, hard, and, with no end in sight, but there is one.

A great one at that.

Just hold on.

Trust me.

You got this.

Even when you don't think so.

Nothing is permanent, unless you let it be.

Never forget that.

And remember that with a smile.

Right back atchya!



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