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Life Through Music.

Having a musician for a father had me pay very close attention to music.

Last weekends Super Bowl had me remembering him hard.

During one Super Bowl in the 80's, he wrote the music for three of the commercials featured that year, no small feat, moreover, super rare.

Growing up in smokey jazz clubs, music always played a huge role in my life.

I remember discovering "pop" music at the age of 7.

Up until that point I had only heard jazz, classical or my mom's favorite 60's songs.

But that year I had received a pink boom box from Santa, and I remember trolling the dials and having my mind being blown away by the variety of choices that were out there on FM.

If you have no clue what I am talking about, stop reading immediately.

Anyways, I go through phases, of genres and artists.

Ones which usually end up getting "played out" to the point where I won't listen to a song, or that artist again for another year.

But for every mood, I have a category/performer to soothe my soul, or uplift it.

That is why music is pure magic.

It serves to be the lyrics and melodies we aren't able to express ourselves in our own words.

Music allows you to escape and express.

Music can be therapeutic, or better yet, make us feel triumphant.

It transcends age, race, nationality,and ethnicity; it is a common unifier.

Music joins us in our collective pains.

Our passions.

Our plights.

Our predicaments.

Our parties.

Right now I can't stop playing Stevie Wonder and Dr. Dre.

I didn't say it needed to make sense.

What I did say, was that music is the chicken soup for my soul.

Next week it could be Weezer and The Stones, I have no clue.

Either way, music is what helps me get through this crazy thing we are here to do, that thing called existence.

So don't be afraid to blast it.

Let it heal you.

Help you.

Or conversely, honor the occasion.

Just make sure to let it in, also, make sure to listen to the lyrics.

It is amazing how differently those same words can be interpreted with your mood.

But just make sure to open your ears and take it in.

So thank you Dad for introducing me in such a profound way, to such a deeply felt, and powerful medium.

I have found it to be the ultimate life raft in the sea I call my life.

Hugs and kisses to you in heaven.



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