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For My Kids.

A modern day memoir for 2024.

A mother's advice, given in slang, a coming of age shout out.

So here it goes:

Go to school and do it for the 'plot'.

Educate yourself with "drip" and facts.

Never possess fomo, and if you do, address it with 'fire flames', and don't forget to do it with your right hand out.

Know why?

You have massive 'rizz,' know how I know?

Because I made you!

So don't be afraid to be 'ghosted' it will happen from time to time.

Strive to be gotten.

Have goals with no 'caps'.

Be proud of being 'sigma'.

You will 'slap'.

And I will support you at every street, avenue and highway, but I will be also be there to conduct 'vibe checks'.

You will never be basic.

I 'bet' you want to question this advice, but don't, want to know why?

I not only make 'bussin' food, I make 'CEO' decisions.

Don't don't my 'blueprint'

Trust the process and let 'me cook'.

I am not 'cheungy', contrary to popular belief.

I know I can cause 'cringe', but believe it or not, in my day some considered me dope (used a slang word from back in my age!).

I know these facts hit 'different,' but I am just 'spitting facts'.

I am not as "ick" as you may think.

I am determined to leave 'zero crumbs' on this table with regards to the knowledge and experiences I am lucky enough to share with you.

So don't 'leave me on read'.

I ask of of you to one day think of your mother as someone who was a 'snack' perhaps even someone who 'slapped'.

No matter what, know that I was trying to 'keep it 100.'

At the end of the day, know that I do care, and see your respective future as bright ones.

I know you were and are, meant to 'slay.'

You will never be 'beige'.

And you will certainly never be 'skibidi toliet ohio.'

You are pure 'Gucci.'

I will never be 'done' with this 'fam' and that is no 'gassing' or 'girl math'.

Love you to the moon and back.

You heard it here first.


The OG Rizzly Bear.

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