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I was watching a documentary the other day and it was about two star crossed lovers who ended up murdering her parents.

A coming of age Romeo and Juliet if you will.

Naturally it got me thinking...

In law, there is a process during a trial that is called, discovery.

It happens after a case is brought before the court.

It is a part of the trial procedure where, quite simply, both the prosecution and defense must share what evidence they are going to use in court at trial.

US Law requires both parties to disclose what information they have for their respective sides of the case.

This means they must disclose the intel that they have aquired and are going to use at trial to defend themselves and/or defame and debunk the other.

Both parties must share whatever knowledge they have on all levels.

They are demanded to throw their cards on the table for all to see.

This is required so that each party can formulate a plan for what is to come.

A roadmap.

Level the playing field.

This is necessary for each other to see what is ahead and secure the best outcome.

No surprises.

You see, in order for true fairness to happen, the justice system wants you to walk in, knowing what you are facing.

A debate club of epic porportions.

You just need to make sure you back yourself up with the right facts.

And this can only happen when both parties come clean about their intentions and with their guns equally loaded.

Or atleast they think they are loaded equally.

Equity will not, and can not, unfold without this concept.

The saying, you don't come to gun fight with a knife,is true for a reason.

And it got me thinking, this same theory applies to life.

You will never win by holding your cards close to your chest.

But you may think you will.

Illusions can be amazing like that.

But a bluff will eventually be called.

It just takes time, but trust me, in time there is truth.

Even if you aren't candid with yourself, a mirror will always eventually show up to stare at you.

You can only defraud people for so long, before the jig will be up.

Don't think you can decieve people by not sharing and not being straight forward about what you are going to bring to the proverbial courtroom of life.

You are only swindling yourself.

Be sure to level that playing field.

If you can't...

Let it be known, you will never get away with it.

So be clean, open and honest.

Don't kid yourself.

Be an open book.

As much as you may feel exposed and unprotected.

Let people know what, and with whom, they are dealing.

In life.

In love.

Be unafraid.

The truth is, in order to lead successfully, you need to be earnest,honest, humble, and forthrite.

You will never succeed if you are hiding, with the hopes that you won't get caught in your deception.

Lead with information, and let those around you know where your intentions lie and with what intel you carry.

Come to the table fully loaded.

It is in the sharing, sincerity, and equally, the shaming of those who deserve it, that you will truly win in life.

Always,everday, and in every way.

I brought my gavel today.

Even though I forgot my briefcase at home.

Hell, remember that whole honesty thing?

Yeah, nailing it, and no, I don't have a Jesus complex.

Case closed.



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