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Victim,Villain, Or Hero?

Updated: Apr 28

We are all something.

But what are we?

Victims,villains or heroes?

We instinctively as humans, seek destruction, desperation, or a purposeful destination.

Ultimately, all of our judgements and behaviors serve to speak about our character at the end of the day.

The calibrations we lean towards can be positive, purposeful, punitive, or even lead to purgatory.

But either way, we choose.

We get the choice to determine how the world sees us.

No matter the circumstances or troubles we may face.

We can elect to deal with these issues with class.

We get to vote if we want to handle them with class, or simply be careless.

Either way, once we decide our course, our reaction; that is when our true narrative begins.

Terminus is where our journey will end, so what will your finale say?

Where and how we end says it all.

So what will your legacy be?

How will your tale read?

Will it tell the story of a victim?

A villain?

Or will it be one of a hero?

It is like those choose your own adventure series of books I read as a child.

And while it may seem simple to perform as a victim, or equally, that of a villain, please choose the role of being a champion.

A hero.

It should not matter the circumstances you are faced with or came from.

The decisions you make should be wholesome and from the heart and loving, not decided by your loathing or lacking of compassion.

So choose the hard choice.

Be the better.


It's easy to bully and to batter.

It's easy to be sullen and sad.

Don't forget:

It's hard to be brave and bold.

It's difficult to believe there is something better out there when the going gets tough.

It's not easy to cure and to care for others when you feel the world is against you.

But we collectively need to make the effort to smile and be the better the world needs more of.

Let destiny do the heavy lifting while you wait and nourish those worthy around you.

Those who are not good people, aren't worth the thought, or action.

Let alone your reputation.

Don't let yourself get immersed into "your bad" by adding your agony to someone else's.


Salvage yourself so that humanity can remain reasonably intact.

Allow yourself to maintain a soul and a spirit that the world needs more of.

That, in and of itself, will pay YOU forward a million times over.

Karma will do the rest.



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